2015 Indian Chief Dark Horse Motorcycle Review

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  1. Robert Gracia Robert Gracia
    March 11, 2016    

    Good review. The Dark Horse sounds like a solid bike. Indians are great bikes, I know, I own one.

  2. Clifford Maggard Clifford Maggard
    March 11, 2016    

    gotta say like that there's at least one moto blogger here in Florida and love the review dude. ps got my 2012 hayabusa from that eagle rider lol

  3. Russell Cupples Russell Cupples
    March 11, 2016    

    I absolutely love your reviews .So detailed and very little dead space .Like i've said before your the best I've seen.

  4. Russell Cupples Russell Cupples
    March 11, 2016    

    Don't ever change your detailed and indepth reviews .You are great at them

  5. Russell Cupples Russell Cupples
    March 11, 2016    

    Oh yeah .Can you get a windshield and leather bags for the Rocket 3 Roadster

  6. Russell Cupples Russell Cupples
    March 11, 2016    

    I would rather see your review than anyone elses .So if you haven't done the reviews please do so .

  7. Russell Cupples Russell Cupples
    March 11, 2016    

    Have you done a re view on the CTX 700 n or the Triumph rocket 3 or Rocet 3 touring .You are without a doubt the best motorcycle reviewer I have ever seen .My wife can ride the hell out of a bike but has tremendous problems with the clutch hence the interest in the CTX Automatic bike and I am interested in the Rocket 3 or the thunderbird 1700

  8. brianreynolds188 brianreynolds188
    March 11, 2016    

    Nope you lol

  9. brianreynolds188 brianreynolds188
    March 11, 2016    

    Big black turd

  10. Daniel San Daniel San
    March 11, 2016    

    great video and informative. thanks! :)

  11. Qun tu smok Qun tu smok
    March 11, 2016    

    great vid…..

  12. cliffy amo cliffy amo
    March 11, 2016    

    Great review, although I ride a Harley around the island of Cyprus I also ride a Yamaha cruiser, I have a passion for all motorcycles and certainly would consider an Indian after your review!

  13. doesgodcareanymore doesgodcareanymore
    March 11, 2016    

    wow, you wouldn't want to meet that on a dark night mind you you probably wouldn't see it would you.

  14. Brian Peniuk Brian Peniuk
    March 11, 2016    

    If I ever get to even ride an Indian I will die a happy man.

  15. cr4zyu cr4zyu
    March 11, 2016    

    Nice bike. I bought a '44 Indian Chief in 1968 for $100 from holiday income while still high school. Have always had a soft-spot for this style of motorcycle, more so the '47 Chief. This new one preserves and enhances that great line and look, though I don't like the muffler's shape or placement at all. That item would be the first (& probably the only thing) aesthetically I'd want to change. Thanks for posting. P.S. What's with all the lines in the sky you guys seem to have state-side? You know of course this is geo-engineering, supposedly to reduce radiation from the sun, that's why no more blue skies… just saying. It's actually nano-particles in aerosol form derived from inside coal-fired power-stations (CFPS). Yep, soon you'll be hearing from 'your' government that they'll be shutting down power stations 'due to' massive soil, water & airborne toxicity caused by CFPS. But of course it isn't/ wasn't, that's just another fat lie; your government paid & sprayed this poison while you were sleeping.

  16. karman mahajan karman mahajan
    March 11, 2016    

    Can u review a Harley Davidson night rod

  17. GNOMO420 (CafeRacer Motovlog) GNOMO420 (CafeRacer Motovlog)
    March 11, 2016    


  18. TheRumJumbie TheRumJumbie
    March 11, 2016    

    You must have been there Sunday? Went that Saturday, a lot more riders. Next time try the Chieftain. It's day and night to the Chief.

  19. Joshua McCarthy Joshua McCarthy
    March 12, 2016    

    dad was looking at this type

  20. motomuso motomuso
    March 12, 2016    

    So nice to see a black saddle on this bike. The brown one breaks up the visual flow. I rode one and liked it but for the heat coming off of it. Cool little cruiser.