The Moped Gangs of London: UK Bikelife

The Moped Gangs of London: UK Bikelife

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Mopeds and teenage boys have gone hand-in-hand since the 1960s. But in the last year UK BikeLife culture – where young scooter riders upload videos of themselves wheelie-ing down motorways and through industrial estates – has exploded, with the scene’s leaders picking up thousands of YouTube and Instagram followers in the process.

These British riders are beginning to receive international attention, not least from Baltimore’s notorious dirt bike club, the 12 O’Clock Boys. Although they may lack the CCs of their American counterparts, they’ve done a good job of making up for it with charisma and a dedication to the underdog of the two-wheeled world: the humble moped.

In London Bikelife, Daisy-May Hudson lets a nostalgia for the moped gangs of her teenage years get the better of her and travels to industrial estates on the outskirts of London to meet with the underground stars of the UK BikeLife scene. After spending some time at northwest London’s Ace Cafe – an iconic hangout for bikers and petrolheads – Daisy is taken along to one of the group’s big ride-outs, where hundreds of boys take over the roads with their mopeds.

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  1. ali big ali big
    March 10, 2016    


  2. Massimo Giometti Massimo Giometti
    March 11, 2016    

    Have you ever been in Italy ?

  3. Nicholas Mays Nicholas Mays
    March 11, 2016    

    15:45 pause it… WTF?!

  4. Cambaudio Cambaudio
    March 11, 2016    

    I want a moped because of the gas mileage and they can be fun. But never, ever ever ever, would I think it's cool. It's not.

    That's like having a Prius and pretending it's a muscle car.

  5. Rowen Thomas Rowen Thomas
    March 11, 2016    

    the girl makes me cringe so bad…

  6. Yurii Cide Yurii Cide
    March 11, 2016    

    This makes me embarrassed to own a motorcycle. Jesus Christ, these guys are cringe worthy.

  7. Yurii Cide Yurii Cide
    March 11, 2016    

    "Terrorizing the roads" ??? HAHAHAHA. What a bunch of losers. I couldn't stop laughing.

  8. Anonymous Officials Anonymous Officials
    March 11, 2016    

    15:45 what is he doing

  9. isthiswhereitype1 isthiswhereitype1
    March 11, 2016    

    Chavs everywhere, even the reporter

  10. Henry Trotier Henry Trotier
    March 11, 2016    

    i already thought england was gay… now i think its even gayer

  11. spacecowboy123dallas spacecowboy123dallas
    March 11, 2016    

    Mopeds,track suits, man purses ?? I bet half of them live with three parents. NERDS !!!

  12. Jason Leo Jason Leo
    March 11, 2016    

    You can all fuck off from ace. Ace has been around for a very long time and is awesome but pulling wheelies and riding like wankers means their licence is at risk and they have to shut early sometimes due to wankers riding like twats. when these kids grow up and get real bikes they will want to go ace but wont be able to because it will be shut. if you want to ride like scum do it elsewhere. One day you might piss off a mcc then you will learn the hard way

  13. Jason Leo Jason Leo
    March 11, 2016    

    how can you have any self respect and call yourself ashman46 so your so original your number 46? at least have a original name minus the number. however respect where due when he said he aint losing his life for a bike

  14. Jacopo Da Silva Jacopo Da Silva
    March 11, 2016    

    these are scooters not bikes!!!!!

  15. ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition
    March 11, 2016    

    That doesn't a gangster its a retarded guy

  16. Rémó Rémó
    March 11, 2016    

    why does he keep saying bike… like fuck ITS A SCOOTER BRAH

  17. Tom Hill Tom Hill
    March 11, 2016    

    this is just embarrassing

  18. TheAngryMug TheAngryMug
    March 11, 2016    

    Whats wrong with an actual motorbike? It's hard to look cool on a moped.

  19. Eli Smoots Eli Smoots
    March 11, 2016    

    she splooshes at 5:41