Yamaha MT-03 review | Visordown road test

Who needs big bikes?

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  1. Chris Weston Chris Weston
    March 11, 2016    

    Good review.  I had similar thoughts but when you look at the price its easy to look past its few faults. £4499 seems like excellent value. As they say, it would be an excellent commuter or upgrade from a 125cc as long as you aren't planning on doing any longer stretches on the motorway/dual carriageways where it may be hard work

  2. Death666wish Death666wish
    March 11, 2016    

    Anyone that would buy a 47 HP 650cc bike has a problem upstairs, if I'm not allowed the full version of the big bike then why waste the money? Just get a 300 and I'm sure it's plenty of fun with all the mods.

  3. talha93taj talha93taj
    March 12, 2016    

    this man is the best at reviews. tells the truth and gets straight to the point

  4. Kelly Hipp Kelly Hipp
    March 12, 2016    

    Wait it gets crappy suspension but it has abs with sub par brakes …. Something went wrong at Yamaha

  5. balsara 675 balsara 675
    March 12, 2016