2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Motorcycle Review


2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Motorcycle Review

Even though I am not a target customer for such a bike (6’2″ 250 lbs.) I wanted to try this for a few reasons. First, to directly compare it to it’s main rival, the new Yamaha R3 that I reviewed last week. Second, to see how things have changed over the past 15+ years, from the previous generation which I had a tiny bit of seat time with – the 250. This is a rock solid package. It’s simply a scaled down sportbike in all regards, perfect for blasting down the road, a track day, twisties – just plain good cheap fun. Nothing stood out as any major flaws, Kawasaki has definitely put the small sport bike experience under their belt to great use.


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20 thoughts on “2015 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Motorcycle Review

  1. Very thorough review. Subscribed. I must ask, what mic are you using? You sound amazing.

  2. I'm glad I've watched your review. All the other reviews I've watched talk about speed, speed, speed. No one talks about the comfort of riding it.

  3. hey, can ya tell me how your recording and talking about the bike,i want to buy something like that..ty

  4. Hmmm, I'm 6'5'' and I'm thinking about getting it. Think raising the handles and lowering the pegs a bit would be enough?

  5. Haha, yeah, it's a bit cramped. I am 6'2" and picked up a used 2013 Ninja 300 ABS special edition with 4200 miles. It's my first bike and I love it. I love being able to use all the gears and push the little engine. The slipper clutch is nice too. Since April of 2015 I put close to 4000 miles on mine commuting to school and work. I also went on a group ride and we had a few 600's, an R1, and 1300 gxr if I remember correctly. Anyhow, I kept up fine and the bike handles the freeways just fine as well. Loved your review: detailed and informative.

  6. This comment isnt really relevent to the video but there was an advertisment on this video where an alligator roared like a lion… Do these people even do any research on the animals theyre putting into their movies?

  7. I'm a pretty short guy 5'4 sadly but I am thinking this can be my first bike I have experience on dirt bikes will this be a good bike for me ?

  8. I know its 2 different types of bikes, but you drove both of them, so can you till how this feels compare to the Kawasaki Vulcan S ? ( clutch, easy to handle, acceleration below 100 mph )
    which one is good for a beginners ?
    I'm 5'7 155 lb

  9. The bike is slightly longer than the Ninja 600, so It is not as small as it is short. It's the number one selling small sportbike by a wide margin. Even though I own the R3, I fully respect what Kawasaki has done with their bike. With the new Honda CBR350 twin coming out in late 2016 (as a 2017) model, it seems Kawasaki will jump up with a larger more powerful engine. The only real difference I noticed about the Ninja is the build quality being a few years old. Even so, it's a fine bike.

  10. If you feel like a bear on a bicycle riding that bike you should review a Honda grom lol. Nice video

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