2016 Mercedes E-Class first drive review


2016 Mercedes E-Class first drive review

In the form we’ve sampled it, the new E-Class is a deeply impressive piece of machinery, combining comfort, quality, luxury and practicality. However, the cars we tested were rammed full of performance-enhancing optional equipment, so we’re hardly any the wiser about how the car will perform in its standard form. Here’s hoping…


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12 thoughts on “2016 Mercedes E-Class first drive review

  1. Typical of press cars to be fitted with optional extras. This one having Designo interior and they air suspension. Good for Auto Trader awaiting a stock car hopefully in AMG Line trim to review and comment their verdict.

  2. exterior look : everybody will buy it because it has a Mercedes badge on it, otherwise it looks like an old bland kia ! new Mercedes are ok only with full optional exteriors! the dashboard looks designed by a team of old people only for older people!

  3. Thanks goodness they have brought back the beautiful mercedes chrome grill……I hate that chunk of plastic on the previous model. It looks just like a slightly shrunken S-Class which is great.Hope it is built up to Japanese standards, as they have had
    a stack of quality problems across all models over the last 10 years.

  4. nice voice nice review and I appreciate not been sarcastic racist head like many reviewers these days good job dude makes me love new eclass .

  5. Can you please share what kind of Microphone was used in the recorded around the One Minute mark? I'm particularity interested because of the quality kept in the recording despite the high winds.

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