7th Pay Commission: Massive 200 percent salary hike proposed for these central government employees

7th Pay Commission: Massive 200 percent salary hike proposed for these central government employees

7th pay commission: Unhappy with the pay hike and pension scheme, several state, and central government employees have been protesting for a long time now demanding more money. While the central government employees want a pay hike through an increase in fitment factor by 3.68 times and minimum basic salary of Rs 26,000, the state government employees want restoration of the old pension scheme. While the protests continues and employees await new salaries, the Indian Railways has given its employees a glimpse of some very good news.

The Indian Railways employees have also been protesting over various issues including pension, 7th pay commission allowance and slow recruitment process. However, the Railways has planned a better pay for ground-level workers. In some cases, it’s over 200 per cent hike. Take a look at the proposals:


7th Pay Commission: Over 220% hike for Mate and Keymen

The Ministry of Railways has proposed to increase Risk and Hardship allowance from Rs 2700 per month (R3H2 categorization) to Rs 6000 (R2H2) for Mate and Keymen. (PTI)

7th Pay Commission: Increased allowances for Railway Trackmen

The ministry has also planned to hike Risk and Hardship allowance from Rs 2700 pm, (R3H2) to Rs 4100 (R3H1) for Trackmen preforming Patrolling duty. (PTI)

7th Pay Commission: Increase in the railway gateman’s Allowance

The railways has proposed to increase the Level Crossing Gate Allowance from Rs 1000 (R3H3) to Rs 4100 (R3H1) for Gateman, working in Special & ‘A’ Class Gates. (PTI)

7th Pay Commission: Railways artisans to get more

The ministry also proposed to include all P.Way Artisans & their helper in the R&H Matrix for payment with a pay of Rs 2700 (R3H2) as for Trackmen. (IANS)

7th Pay Commission: To cost Rs 222 crore to railways

The new pay proposal by Railways, if approved, will cost an additional Rs 222 crore per annum to the railways. All India Railway Men’s Federation General Secretary Shiv Gopal Mishra told ZeeBiz.Com that the proposal has been sent to the finance ministry but a decision has not been taken yet. Once approved, the move will benefit thousands of these workers.


Source:- zeebiz