Arab Girls driving Ferrari 458 Italia


Arab Girls driving Ferrari 458 Italia

Yellow Ferrari 458 Italia Spider driven by girls from Kuwait in Cannes and Monaco. They were doing some signs to people (like at me at the beginning of the video) and some revs, always with music in the car. My Facebook page :
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18 thoughts on “Arab Girls driving Ferrari 458 Italia

  1. Your arab brothers and sisters of iraq, sham and other countries don't even have one time meal and you are buying just number plates of millions of dirhum…?

  2. Kinda stalker-like with the multiple times/locations you shot these women don't you think?….. I bet you were disappointed when that skag got out and her face nearly broke your camera lens.

  3. Driving a Ferrari would show people how much wealth you have but there's not difference between driving a $500,000 car or a $30,000 car I own a 2009 Honda CR-V.I still have to stop at red lights, give way to pedestrians at crossings,put up with the peak hour traffic on a 45 degree day,obey all traffic laws.Can Ferrari eliminate all of this I don't think so.

  4. Gamer, your profile pic speaks loud and clear of your social status. Fronting that you these cars but in reality you drive them on your video game.

  5. I completely agree with you on your comment, Moe. I guess if you have too much money you buy the finest.

  6. I've met a man who told me that its waste of money to be spending cash on designer clothing… yet he was seen attending a birthday party at a club for a mutual friend of ours, spending over 50 grand on bottles… just for that one evening.

  7. In their home countries women are not allowed to drive cars,better check their driving liscence first!At their home countries they are worthless piece of nothing,when these uncivilized born "princesses"come to Europe they still think they above our laws?We teached that worthless idiots more than often!Ask the sons of ghadafi ( the ones was alive),Coming to civilized countries means playing after our rules!bitches!

  8. Why those rich peoples don't help the poor peoples? Did we have rich who help poor peoples?

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