Domestic LPG cylinders get costlier, check new rates in your city here


Domestic LPG cylinders get costlier, check new rates in your city here

In troubling news for the common man, the prices of domestic gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG) cylinders have increased yet again. It is reported that the oil marketing companies have released the updated prices of the cylinders. As per the new rates, the price of LPG cylinders has increased by Rs 25 per cylinder. The new prices of the cylinders are going to come into effect today (February 4).

At the same time, the price of commercial cylinders has come down by six rupees. It is to be noted that the price of commercial 19 kg cylinders had gone up by as much as Rs 190 per cylinder.


After the price increase, the LPG cylinders will be available at Rs 719 in the national capital of Delhi. Previously, the cost of the LPG cylinders was raised twice by the Indian oil companies in December last year. The price was increased by Rs 50 on December 2 and it was again increased by the same amount on December 15.

Here are the current rates of LPG cylinders in the metro cities:

Delhi: 719.00

Mumbai: 719.00

Kolkata: 745.50

Chennai: 735.00

Also, the commercial LPG cylinder of 19 kgs became costlier earlier when the prices were increased by Rs 190 per cylinder from February 1. Now, the price of the same has been brought down by Rs 6.

For the people in Delhi, the commercial cylinder can now be bought at Rs 1533. The prices of the commercial cylinder are now Rs 1598.50 in Kolkata, Rs 1482.50 in Mumbai, and Rs 1649 in Chennai.

How to check the cost of an LPG cylinder?

Any person can check the cost of a gas cylinder in their city in a matter of minutes. To check the price of an LPG cylinder, the concerned person can go to the website of the government oil company, where they list their new rates regularly. Anyone can check the price of a gas cylinder in their city here: