Electricity bill! Fraud in the name of paying electricity bill, if you are not alerted, you will be robbed!

Electricity bill! Fraud in the name of paying electricity bill, if you are not alerted, you will be robbed!

New Delhi. Thugs don’t care where you live, your age or whether you are rich or poor. They only care about cleaning your pockets. So, whoever you are, you need to be alert and aware. If you are aware then you can avoid any kind of online fraud, otherwise not. To make people aware, News18Hindi has run a series, under which it is told that what kind of frauds are happening and how they can be avoided. You must read this series – click here .

Electricity bill ‘not paid’

The latest case has come from Saidabad, Hyderabad. Here a retired bank manager has been cheated of about ₹ 600000. His age is 79 years. According to the news of Times of India, a message came to Shivram Krishna Shastri 2 days ago. In this message it was said that you have not paid your electricity bill. Since Shiv Ram had paid the bill, he did not pay attention to this message.

After some time he got a call. The caller identified himself as a customer care executive of Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Ltd or TSSPDCL. He told Shivram that you have not paid the electricity bill. But Shivram told him that he had paid the electricity bill and at present there is no outstanding balance. After this he told Shivram that you must have paid the bill but till now it has not been updated in our database. Until this update is not done, messages will keep coming to you in the same way and it is possible that this payment will be added to the next bill as well.

After this the executive pretended to help Shivram. He said that you have to download an app of the power distribution company and on that app you can update your status that you have paid the bill. Your status will be updated and you will not get such messages. On this Shivram said that okay, let’s do this. The person sent Shivaram a link to download the app and also asked him to install the TeamViewer QuickSupport app so that he could help him over the phone.

10 rupees transaction

Shivram had no idea that there would be a fraud of lakhs of rupees with him. He installed both the apps. Then that thug told Shivram that you should make a payment of only Rs 10 on TSSPDCL app from your debit card. As soon as Shivram entered the details for the transaction, the thug took note of everything through the TeamViewer app. Within minutes, Rs 5.8 lakh was withdrawn from Shivaram’s bank account.

Money does not come out without OTP

As you know that money cannot be withdrawn without OTP, so fraudsters already make arrangements for it. Actually the TeamViewer app was installed in Shivram’s phone for this reason. Everything can be seen by accessing the phone from this app. Not only seen but phone control can also be done. So whatever OTP came on Shivram’s phone, the thugs were able to see and read it.

How can you escape?

You have to be aware. If you get a call from any unknown person, then you should not believe it, whether he tells himself to be an officer of a bank or an executive of a company. You must definitely cross verify it. Apart from this, if any person asks you to install any app, then do not do it at all. Also, don’t install apps like TeamViewer QuickSupport.