High security number plate, colour coded fuel plate compulsory in Delhi; 10 step application process explained


High security number plate, colour coded fuel plate compulsory in Delhi; 10 step application process explained

The Delhi Government’s transport department has started registering for the process of applying of high-security number plates, making it easier for the residents of the city. The car owners can now register for number plates by visiting the official website of Delhi’s transport ministry and filling in the required credentials. High-security number plate, colour-coded fuel plate has been made mandatory in Delhi from October 1.

Here is the procedure explained in 10 simple steps


1. For a High-security number plate, the user needs to visit bookmyhsrp.com/index.aspx for registration.

 2. Now users will have to choose between the option of private and public transport.

3. The owner will further have to mark the fuel type- petrol, diesel, CNG, electric, CNG cum petro, and proceed with marking the vehicle category.

4. Now in the vehicle category, you will have to choose options like a car, scooter, motorcycle, auto, etc.

 5. The car owner will also have to fill the brand details of their vehicle.

6. Now you will have to choose options for states, after which you will see dealer details.

7. The vehicle information to be filled during the process includes the registration number, registration date, engine number, chassis number.

8. Now a new window will open, where you will have to fill in your personal details that include his/her personal details like mobile number, address.

9. Now you will have to feed in the details of the booking of the vehicle like the day, time, etc.

10. Once you finish all the details, you will proceed to payment. On completing the process an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number and the process will be generated.

Some dealers are also making the service available offline where customers will be charged Rs 600-1100 for the four-wheeler, Rs 300-400 for the two-wheelers. In addition to this, the Delhi government’s transport department has said that vehicles registered in Delhi before April 2019 will have to install High-Security Registration Number Plate (HSRP) and color-coded fuel stickers. It has been reported that after the Delhi government’s decision, application for HSRP has been doubled. While earlier there were bookings of 200-250 applicants, now the booking has increased to that of 3,000 applicants.

What is High-security registration plates? 

HSRP is a chromium-based hologram. This hologram is a sticker with the vehicle’s engine and VIN, also known as the chassis numberon it. This number is written through a pressure machine with paint and no sticker. There will be a kind of pin on the plate that will attach to your vehicle. Once this pin catches the plate from your vehicle, it will lock on both sides, it will not open by anyone. The biggest advantage of the high-security number plate is that along with crimes, car thieves can also be controlled.

What are colour-coded stickers? 

Colour-coded sticker is applied for fuel type. That is, your car runs on petrol or diesel, colour coding is done on this basis. A light blue color sticker is applied for petrol and CNG. For diesel, orange colour sticker is applied. According to officials, the registration number, registration authority, laser branded PIN, engine, and vehicle’s chassis number will be on this colour-coded.