How Does The E-challan System Work?

How Does The E-challan System Work?

One of the major reasons for a high number of road accidents is that traffic rules are not followed. Driving on a road implies driving in a predictive manner where other drivers or pedestrians are aware of where you will be directing your vehicle. To make sure that people follow traffic rules even when nobody is watching, traffic police took the help of Electronic Traffic Challan System.

What Is A Challan?
A challan is an official text written on a piece of paper issued to a person in particular. A challan is usually issued for violating traffic rules and regulation in India and neighboring countries. If a traffic challan is issued in your name, you are liable to pay the fine as mentioned in The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. A traffic police officer holds the right to issue a challan in the name of any person who does not follow one or more traffic rules.


What Is E-challan?
An E-challan is nothing but an electronically generated challan with the help of Electronic Challan System. E-challan has recently replaced the physical pieces of paper. From a person breaking a traffic rule in India to him/her paying the corresponding fine, several stages of this process have been digitized thanks to the introduction of the e-challan check.

How Does The E-challan System Work?
The traffic police have introduced the CCTV-enabled e-Challan system in an attempt to eventually curb the rising number of road accidents. A CCTV camera continuously records footage of the ongoing traffic. If a motorist breaks any traffic rule, the act will be recorded in the footage. The police will try to extract the number from the vehicle’s screen-shot captured from the CCTV footage and the offense will be registered in the records.

The traffic police will be then coordinate with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to find the details of the vehicle and its owner. Details like the name and address of the vehicle owner, make and model of the vehicle, etc. As soon as they receive the details, an SMS will be sent on the registered phone number of the violator. This SMS will contain the time, date and location of the offense.

Ways To Pay E-challan
There are two ways in which you can pay an e-challan issued in your name. The most convenient way is to pay it online. The authorities have created a dedicated website for paying the e-challan directly. You can easily find the e-challan payment online website for your Indian state. The e-challan issued in your name will have a unique challan number. Enter this number in the box provided on the website and proceed to make the payment.

Another method is to pay the e-challan offline. You need to visit your nearest police station to make the payment against your e-challan number.

How To Avoid E-challan?
There is only one way in which you can avoid getting an e-challan issued in your name – follow all the traffic rules. Follow lane discipline, traffic signals, ensure safety – wear helmets or seat belt and do not go over the prescribed speed limit. Ensure physical safety by following rules and financial safety with the help of vehicle insurance. Always go for comprehensive coverage and customize the policy with Add-ons. Do not anyone else decide which policy you should buy. Do your research and select the most suitable insurance plan. Ride safe, avoid challans.


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