How to check if your COVID-19 vaccination certificate is authentic or fake?

How to check if your COVID-19 vaccination certificate is authentic or fake?

In India, the world’s largest digital vaccination is running through the Cowin portal and people get a digital certificate of vaccination within a few minutes. However, Britain had earlier refused to consider Indian travellers who had got the Covishield vaccine as vaccinated, but reversed its decision under pressure from India and later said that it does not have a problem with India’s Covishield vaccine but with the vaccine certificate.

Britain has given permission to travel to Indians who have taken the Covishield, but the old conditions will continue to apply to them. That is, fully vaccinated Indians will have to stay in home isolation for 10 days after reaching Britain, and they have to show RT-PCR negative reports of their COVID-19 test. Simply put, Britain has doubts about the authenticity of India’s vaccine certificate. In such a situation, if you also have a certificate of vaccine, then here is how you can find out whether the certificate is genuine or not.

Steps to check the authenticity of your COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

– First of all, visit the official website of Cowin at After this, you click on the option of Verify a vaccination certificate on Verify certificate.- As soon as you click here, a new tab will open and you will get a notification to open the camera on your phone. Allow it- Point the camera at the QR code on paper or digital certificate and scan it.- On scanning the QR code, an authentic vaccine certificate ‘Certificate Successfully Verified’ will appear.- If your certificate is fake then ‘Certificate Invalid’ will appear.

Notably, a software company named Check Point conducted a study to find out the black marketing of fake COVID-19 vaccine certificates, in which it was found that fake vaccine certificates are being made in 29 countries around the world. This includes countries like Austria, Brazil, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, UAE. In such a situation, this is an easy way to find out whether your or someone else’s vaccine certificate is real or fake.