Kia Sorento 2015 review – Car Keys


Kia Sorento 2015 review – Car Keys

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Now in its third-generation, the Kia Sorento has been revamped both inside and out, with improved driving dynamics to boot.

As a large 4×4 the Sorento will have to tackle competition from the likes of the Volkswagen Touareg and Land Rover Discovery.

We take it out on the road and put it to the test.

Can the Sorento really tackle models like the Volkswagen Touareg? Watch our video review above to find out, or skip to bits of key information using the links below:

Engine Options and Running Costs (MPG): 3:46
A summary of the interior: 0:53
Passenger leg room: 1:44
Boot size: 2:23

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12 thoughts on “Kia Sorento 2015 review – Car Keys

  1. any comments on how sorento compares to honda crv (1.6 diesel with 9 speed tranny), that you guys reviewed?

  2. My dad bought the kia sorento kx4 trim 2 days ago. He had a bmw x5 2013 and changes cars every 2 years. Kia have improved so much like hyundai. The beemer was so unreliable it was falling apart after 2 years!! and parts and servicing were nearly  1,000 pounds every 6 months. I LOVE KIA. :')

  3. I own one and worth every penny, ive always had 4wd and i can say this is the best, my only complaint would be ground clearance. People shouldnt mock kia, kia today is not kia of the past from memory i thing braked tow capacity is 2500 kgs. Good review. One more thing leg room front and back at same time is superb.

  4. The new Sorento is a nicely finished, well executed SUV I think would be an "alternative" of the VW and the Land Rover, rather than a competitor.

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