Make Aadhar card for small children without birth certificate, know how

Make Aadhar card for small children without birth certificate, know how

How to make Infant Child Aadhar Card 

UIDAI, the apex Aadhar card issuing body, now offers blue colored Aadhar cards to young children below the age of 5. Earlier, for making Aadhar card of children, birth proof was mandatory, due to which small children have to face problem in getting Aadhar card. Because most of the parents do not take the birth certificate of the child at the time of birth, due to which there is a problem due to non-availability of Aadhar card when there is a need to make Aadhar card later.

Many times it has been seen that the parents take the birth certificate, but the name is written on that card and they want to keep the name of their child second, due to which the problem also arises. Aadhar card gets rejected due to name mismatch on scanning of documents due to ruckus in birth certificate. In view of all these problems, the apex body issuing the Aadhar has given relief to get the Aadhar card of the children.

For complete information related to making Aadhar card for children, read the article, you will be given complete information in detail.

The rules for making Aadhar card have now been relaxed as compared to earlier. Now parents can also get their child’s Aadhar card made from the hospital discharge certificate. That is, now the Aadhar card of the child born can be made easily.

Information has been given in a tweet made by UIDAI. Now while applying for the Aadhar card of the child, along with the discharge certificate received from the hospital, the Aadhar card of the child will be easily generated from the Aadhar card of either of the parents of the child. With this new rule, parents will no longer have to wait for the child’s birth certificate.

According to the official information given by UIDAI, now children below the age of 5 years will not have to get their eyes and fingerprints (retina and finger print) scanned while getting the Aadhar card made. Now only photographs of children will be taken, but after the age of 5 years, their retina and fingerprint (biometric data) will have to be scanned.

Parents can get their child’s Aadhar card made both offline and online. To get the Aadhar card made online, you can get it made by logging on to the official website of Aadhar.

Complete way to make aadhar card online

Login to the official site of Aadhaar

After that click on Aadhar Registration.

After the page opens, fill the complete details of the child like name, mobile number, e-mail id etc.

Fill all the details like the place of birth, full address, district, state of its birth properly, do not give any wrong information of any kind.

After that you have to visit the Aadhaar center provided by UIDAI….Read more>>