Online gambling ban in Karnataka coming? Players can be jailed

Online gambling ban in Karnataka coming? Players can be jailed

An online gambling ban is looming in Karnataka. Proposed rules can send players to jail even.

The targeting of online gambling is becoming ever fiercer. The latest on the issue is that online gambling is well on the way to getting banned in the state of Karnataka. The government has just tabled a bill that seeks to slap a ban on online gambling in Karnataka. The online gambling ban bill in Karnataka was tabled in the Assembly on Friday. Here is all you want to know about the online gambling ban in Karnataka.

What is the punishment recommended by the online gambling ban bill? The online gambling ban bill is called the ‘Karnataka Police (Amendment) Bill, 2021’. The ban on online gambling carries provisions for putting players in jail and it also proposes that persons aiding or abetting such online gambling would be punished, PTI reports. The bill has a provision for slapping a maximum imprisonment of three years or fine of up to ₹one lakh. The Karnataka online gambling ban bill recommends punishment of up to three years and fine of up to ₹1 lakh. The punishment for the first offence would be six months imprisonment and fine of ₹10,000, for the second, one year imprisonment and fine of ₹15,000, and for the third offence, 18 months imprisonment and fine of ₹20,000.

What online gambling ban bill will do: The bill aims to amend the Karnataka Police Act of 1963 and it says, “games means and includes online games, involving all forms of wagering or betting, including in the form of tokens valued in terms of the money paid before or after the issue of it, or electronic means and virtual currency, electronic transfer of funds in connection with any game of chance.”

What online gambling ban bill does not include: Lotteries or wagering or betting on horse races run on any race course within or outside Karnataka is not included.

What online gambling ban bill will include: It will include the use of cyberspace, including computer resources or any communication device as defined in Information Technology Act, 2000 in the process of gambling, to curb the menace through internet and mobile apps.

What are the gadgets that will be considered under online gambling ban: Instruments of gaming include any article intended to be used as a means of gaming, including computers, computer system, mobile app, or internet or cyberspace, virtual platform, computer network, computer resource, any communication device, electronic applications, software and accessory.