Ordering food online? You may be paying more than what you pay at restaurants


Ordering food online? You may be paying more than what you pay at restaurants

Most of us order food online all the time through food-delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy and the now-shut Uber Eats. And there definitely have been instances when we have thought that ordering in from a restaurant would be cheaper than actually going there and eating.

While we may be right if we take app discounts into consideration, there are instances where people have ended up paying more for food while ordering in from restaurants as compared to what they would while dining in.


Swiggy recently admitted that their food rates may be higher than those being offered by restaurants ‘in certain cases’.

A man from Bengaluru tweeted complaining that the price of food items on Swiggy and Zomato are at least 25 to 50% more than the actual price of the same item at the restaurant. Prices might be different online and offline “because of restaurant policies’” said Swiggy in response.

“Slowly big discounts are coming down. In fact prices of food items in Zomato or Swiggy menu are 25 to 50 per cent more than actual price of the same at restaurant. Delivery charges added. Home made food will always prevail,” read the tweet and Swiggy replied with – “We understand your concern, and would like to inform you that we’re trying to maintain transparency in our services and that extends to the pricing on the platform.

“However, the prices might be different online and offline as it is the sole discretion of the restaurant without any added input from our end,” Swiggy added.

The disgruntled user then further claimed that he had proof –

“Should send some screenshots of your prices and actual menu pictures? Some prices of food items are more than 50 per ceny (sic) in some areas of Bangalore. Where is sole discretion of restaurant in this. Don’t try to fool the consumer.”

“We’re working hard to make your ordering experience as seamless as your dine-in experience. To that end, we’ve also looked at pricing, however, that remains to be the restaurant’s right & we do not intervene with the same.

“You may witness discrepanacies in the online and offline pricing which remains to be the sole prerogative of the restaurant. Hope to serve you better in the future,” said Swiggy.

Swiggy tried to pass the buck on to the restaurants, but Twitter was having none of it.

“Last I checked, that’s not the way your domain work that way.You collect comission from restaurants for bringing in customers, which is 25 per cent of sales. In some restaurants, there are no or minimum packing charges. But you add packing charges too.. And if you want proof…let know,” someone called Hemanth tweeted.

“Hey Hemanth, we understand your point of view. The taxes and the packing charges being restaurant’s prerogative is passed on without any intervention from our end,” Swiggy replied.

Source:- hindustantimes