Pimp My Commute – Is A Better Bike Faster?

Pimp My Commute – Is A Better Bike Faster?

We’ve been thinking – how much time could you save, each commute, each day, and each year, if you swapped your standard commute bike for a top of the range aero bike with the ultimate wheelset?
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With time savings in mind, we put it to the test, and the results were significant.

In our commuter challenge video (link below), we established the pro’s and cons of various types of commutes by bike, but this time we thought we’d look at things from a different perspective. So, we time James (recognise him from somewhere? Link below) on his normal commute, using his normal bike. And then, we lend him a Canyon Aeroad with SRAM Red 22 and some super fast, brand new Zipp 808 wheels, and super fast Zipp tires.

Dan follows him on two consecutive days on exactly the same route, in similar conditions, making sure James does all the work on the front so as not to skew the results.

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20 thoughts on “Pimp My Commute – Is A Better Bike Faster?

  1. You would save more time shaving that beard, it gives you more air drag than the other bike lol

  2. Pointless test, they changed both the bike and the clothes. The latter properly being the most important. Do the test 20 times with the same outfit on each bike and you might have something usefull

  3. I would've liked to have seen the addition of a power meter in the mix on both bikes to establish an average wattage on the first bike and then try to sick to that on the second bike so the "feeling faster" mental aspect is taken out of the mix on the second bike and so to intensity on both bikes would've been relatively the same or very similar.

  4. so lets get this right, he cycles all those miles every day and everyone else just causes global warming by driving their subsidized cars. doesnt seem fair the drivers arnt paying, and this guy isnt rewarded. the government could easily create a system where the more miles you drive the more you pay on some sort of exponential sliding scale of financial pain, while the more you cycle the more money you earn and the better off you become relatively. the money of course coming from drivers who are determined to not give up their polluting lifestyle. this simple plan would immediately level the playing field for bike based business of all sorts and free us from the trap of car dependency

  5. What a shame the test didn't hold all other variables constant apart from the bike. He shouldn't have worn more aero clothes and adopted a more aggressive riding position on the canon compared to the cheap bike. its hard to know how much of the saving was due to the better bike, and power output was not measured either.

  6. in today's episode, we are going to completely spoil this unsuspecting man's concept of cycling so that all cycles mere mortals could afford will seem like total rubbish.

  7. I mean no disrespect here, but how come I see so many people who cycle decent distances daily and still have dad bods?

    I would expect James to be in noticeably athletic shape. I cycle 10 miles a day on my commute at around 20mph and have muscular legs and a solid 4-pack. Is it just diet/genetics? I eat pretty much all fresh food for my daily meals, but I also eat pizza and burgers and drink beer etc. when I feel like it, so nothing special.

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