These 8 major changes will take place after 1 December, directly on your life, they will be affected.

These 8 major changes will take place after 1 December, directly on your life, they will be affected.

Not only does the days change with every date, but many things change. Just like every month brings something new too. The last month of the year is going to be very special for the common man. If some banking services will change in December then there will be some special change for those who have PAN cards. Not only this, Indian citizens will also be allowed to blow their own drones for the first time. Apart from this, there is a special opportunity to get a job. Indeed, since December 1, there will be many changes in the life of the common man. It is important to know about these changes.

First change-SBI, the country’s largest bank, is making some necessary changes in its banking system. First of all, Internet banking is included. Customers who have not registered mobile numbers by visiting their bank He will not be able to use Internet Banking since December 1. Internet Banking of such users will be closed.


Second change-State Bank of India is making another major change. SBI will close its mobile wallet SBI Buddy after November 30. This means that since 1 December you will not be able to use SBI Buddy Mobile Wallet. If your money is in mobile wallet, transfer them to a bank account or use it somewhere. After 1 December you will not be able to transfer money with Wallet.

Third change –SBI will start processing fees on pension lone and personal loan from 1 December. Let me tell you that the bank had given the relaxation of processing fees in the loan under special festival offer. But, now the bank will start recovering it again. Applicants for loan will have to pay the fee after 1 December.

Fourth Change- Pensioners have to submit their Life Certificate by November 30. Especially those who get the pension from SBI will have to give this certification in their branch. In the event of not submitting the certificate, pensioners pension will be stopped after 1 December.

Fifth change-  There is a change in the key policy related to the PAN card in the month of December. If the parents of the PAN card holder are separated, then the applicant will not be required to give the father’s name after 5th December. Mother’s name will also be printed on the PAN card. The Income Tax Department has amended the Income Tax rules through a notification. Now there will be an option in the application form that the applicant can give the name of the mother in case of the separation of the parent.

Sixth transition – Withdrawalof drone in India from 1 December 2018 will be approved. In addition to the Nano drones (250 grams weighing) all the drones have to take the unique identification number from the aviation regulator. This will be issued with a fee of Rs. 1000. Large drones will also need to get a unique air operator permit. This permit can be taken for 5 years for 25 thousand rupees. They will be able to fly in the day.

Seven changes- All passengers flying from Delhi Airport will have to pay an additional 77 rupees on every ticket from December 1, 2018. Airport operator DIAL has announced increase in service charge. At present, 10 rupees on domestic tickets and 45 rupees on international ticket are paid as service fees.

Eighth change- Jet Airways will start direct flight from Pune to Singapore from 1 December. People had to catch flights from Mumbai to go to Singapore now. This flight will arrive from Pune at 5:15 am and Singapore will arrive at 1:15. This flight from Singapore will depart at 9 pm, which will reach Pune at 5 a.m.


Source:- zeebiz