Year 2019 will bring great news! 10 lakh people will get jobs, up to 8-10% salary

Year 2019 will bring great news! 10 lakh people will get jobs, up to 8-10% salary

With the change in technology this year, many traditional jobs were replaced by new jobs. At the same time, the average increase in salary is about eight-ten percent. On the other hand, if you talk about the coming year then experts and employers feel that in the new year i.e. in 2019, there will be about 10 lakh new employment opportunities. However, he said that the increase in the wages could remain the same as in the previous year. However, there may be more hike in the salary of people in certain areas.

Be cautious before the election Employers
are likely to face the next general elections due next year, considering the political uncertainty, employers can take cautious stance in the first half of 2019. Employment generation has been a major issue of debate in recent times, despite the rapid macroeconomic growth, the pace of employment generation has not been as expected. On the other hand, according to one estimate, 12 million people are entering the job market every year.


Returning to the track Employment market
experts say the situation has worsened due to the lack of adequate and reliable data about employment generation in the country. After the ban was imposed in November of 2016 and GST on July 1, 2017, the Indian employment market has been reverting back in 2018.

According to Nishith Upadhyay, Head of the Consultation Department of theOpportunitySociety for Human Resource Management (SHRM), whichwill open after the first trimester, “It is ironic that during the general elections, employment creation is going to be a big issue, despite the organization’s plan of 2019 Can take the attitude of caution towards implementation. This will affect employment generation at least in the first quarter of the year. “

Big investment prospects
Randstad India chief Paul DuPuis, who provided human resources services, said that there will be an atmosphere of enthusiasm in the information technology sector after two years. Such new era’s technology will be available in the field of efficient and talented people and through large investments in the e-commerce sector. This year, the situation has improved in the infrastructure sector, manufacturing, retail and FMCG sector. However, the situation of jobs in banking, financial services and telecommunication has worsened.


Source:- zeebiz